Something new and colorful- Montessori Toy Shelf

  • 04 Apr 2023

    Toy shelf with a silhouette of fashionable bear is big enough to assemble a variety of toys, also wide enough to put toys in several rows, for example, cubes and puzzles in front, owls, bunnies, and other animals in the back.

    Sounds great? You haven't heard the best yet!

    The most important is the fact that this toy shelf promotes independence in a child and invites a child curiosity to explore and engage with activities on their own. The absorbent mind, always learning, auto education – these are the Montessori’s principles this open shelf design is aligned with. Whether it be a unicorn, a small cup, a family pic, everything in child’s living space will be at their eye level and accessible for little hands.

    The child-sized furniture is the key component of every child’s room, and this shelf is just the right choice in creating environment for child’s development.