Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Family webshop!
Family-scl (“Webshop”) terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”) shall apply to the purchase of goods via the Webshop located at address family-scl.com/contactus between Kasmo ltd (“Kasmo ltd” Registration. Nr. 40203170484 Address: "Misas ēdnīca", Misa, Vecumnieku pagasts, Vecumnieku novads, LV-3906) and the customer.

The Family-scl Webshop is available for customers residing in one of the following countries:
Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Italy, Austria, Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Greece, Cyprus, Luxemburg, Malta, Romania, Norway, USA, Canada.
Only adult consumers (18 years or older) (“Customer”) may use the Family-scl Webshop to purchase goods.
Customers may purchase goods from the Webshop without registration. If the Customer orders goods without registering as a customer, the Customer must provide all mandatory information in connection with each order to ensure that the order can be delivered to the Customer. All orders require a functioning email address as the order confirmation will be provided to the Customer solely via email. The information provided by the Customer must be correct. The Customer shall be liable for the correctness of the information they provide and inform Family-scl of any changes to the said information.
The Customer must be careful and diligent to a reasonable degree when using the Webshop to purchase goods.
The Webshop and its contents (such as texts, images, product information, trademarks and marks) as well as the visual look of the Webshop are protected by copyright laws and agreements and remain the property of Family-scl All intellectual property rights to the Webshop and its contents (such as copyright, registered and unregistered trademark and design rights, domain names, patents, database rights and trade secrets) as well as the goodwill generated by their use shall remain the property of Family-scl or its affiliates.
Family-scl does not grant any direct or indirect rights to any intellectual property rights to the customers of the Webshop. The materials published in the Webshop may be cited in accordance with copyright laws and agreements and other applicable regulations. The citer >must, however, always provide the source of the materials and ensure that any indications of copyright and other rights to the said materials are included with the materials.

Family-scl shall process personal data in the manner allowed and mandated by the applicable personal data legislation in addition to acting as the controller of the applicable personal data registers.
Family-scl respects its customers’ privacy.
Any personal data and other information concerning the Customer received through the Webshop shall only be used for Family-scl internal purposes. Data may, however, be disclosed to Family-scl affiliates in order to e.g. process payments and orders or to deliver goods. In such cases, the data disclosed by Family-scl to its appropriate affiliate shall comprise only such data as is necessary for carrying out the task at hand.
Family-scl will not convey any personal data or other information concerning the Customer to third parties for any other purposes than for handling and delivering orders. Family-scl shall not sell, distribute or rent out the said data to third parties.
Family-scl shall, however, be entitled to disclose personal data and other information concerning the Customer to authorities if the Customer engages in criminal activity.
The Customer’s first and last name, contact information and other personal data shall be stored in the Family-scl Webshop’s customer register. The Customer’s personal data shall be processed in the manner set out in the customer register’s file.
The Customer shall be entitled to access, amend or delete personal data pertaining to the Customer from the customer register. The Customer may access their data free of charge once a year.
Family-scl may use the Customer’s personal data for marketing purposes. The Customer shall, at any time, be entitled to prohibit Family-scl from continuing to direct marketing at the Customer.

Cookies may be sent to the Customer’s device. Cookies are small text files that enable Family-scl to collect information on how and when the Webshop is accessed, i.e. for example which Webshop pages the Customer has accessed and when, which browser the Customer uses and from whence the Customer was directed to the Webshop. Information collected through the use of cookies is anonymous, but the information can be linked to the personal data provided by the Customer.
Information is collected through cookies for the purposes of analysing and developing the Webshop to better serve the Customer as well as to use such information in compiling statistics of Webshop hits and in measuring the effectiveness of the various functions of the Webshop. Information collected through cookies may also be used in producing user- specific marketing.
The Customer may prevent the use of cookies by changing their browser settings, but blocking cookies may have a detrimental effect on the use of the Webshop or even fully prevent such use.

The Customer must add the goods they wish to purchase to their cart after which the Customer must provide the information required by the order in the manner indicated by the Webshop. The Customer may amend the contents of their cart up until they pay for their order. The Customer will be sent an automatic confirmation to the email address provided by the Customer.
The order becomes binding upon the Customer after the Customer submits their order. The Customer is expected to carefully check the contents of their order before submitting it. Family-scl shall be entitled to not accept an order for a justified reason.

After the order is successfully paid for, an order confirmation and notification that the Customer’s order is being processed will be sent to the Customer’s email address. The confirmation will contain the most pertinent information concerning the order.
The Customer must ensure that the confirmation corresponds to the order made by the Customer. Customers may also check the status of their order, using tracking number, which will be sent to the Customer’s email address from Webshop.
A separate delivery confirmation shall be sent to the Customer after Family-scl has ensured that the goods are available and the delivery process has begun. The order shall become binding upon once Family-scl has sent a delivery confirmation to the Customer. The average order execution time is 1- 4 weeks after order is successfully paid.

The prices charged for the goods shall be those applicable when the order was made. All prices are in euros. The prices of the goods shall remain in force for the time being or for the duration specifically mentioned in the applicable product information. The prices of the goods include value-added tax. Shipping costs are included in the prices. When customer delivery address is out of delivery location the applicable shipping costs shall be separately indicated in connection with the Customer’s order and in the order confirmation sent to the Customer.
Family-scl reserves the right to adjust the prices of its goods.
Family-scl shall strive to ensure but shall not guarantee that the prices indicated in the Webshop are correct. In the event that the price information provided in the Webshop is clearly erroneous and the Customer should have noticed that the said information is erroneous (e.g. the price is remarkably low when compared to the actual price or the general price level), Family-scl shall not be obligated to sell the goods at the erroneous price.
If the goods are delivered outside the European Union, the Customer shall be liable for any customs and import fees as well as other such costs.
The Customer acknowledges that customs practices may vary between countries. The Customer must contact the customs of their country of residence in order to receive further information on the customs fees and other practices employed by their country of residence. In the event that the delivery of goods to the Customer requires customs clearance in the country of delivery, the Customer shall be liable for all fees incurred for such customs clearance. The Customer acknowledges that if the delivery of the goods is delayed from the estimated delivery date provided by Family-scl due to customs clearance, such delay shall not be considered to arise from Family-scl actions and Family-scl shall thereby not be held liable for the delay.

Family-scl strives to provide up-to-date, correct information on the goods available in its Webshop. Family-scl cannot, however, guarantee the correctness of such information. Furthermore, Family-scl also cannot guarantee the availability or sufficiency of the goods available for sale in the Webshop as only a limited amount of certain goods may be manufactured or the goods may otherwise become temporarily unavailable.
In the event that goods ordered by the Customer were available when the Customer submitted their order but become temporarily unavailable after the Customer’s order is received and the delivery of the goods will be delayed from the estimated delivery date as a result, Family-scl shall strive to notify the Customer of such delay via email immediately after having become aware of the situation.
If the ordered goods are no longer available or Family-scl will receive more stock of the said goods only after over a month has elapsed from the date of the order, Family-scl undertakes to compensate the Customer in full for the price already paid for the ordered goods, and the order shall be considered cancelled vis-à-vis the said goods. In such case, Family-scl shall contact the Customer, and the Customer shall be entitled to choose not to have their order cancelled by accepting a longer delivery time or by having the ordered goods replaced with other goods.

The Customer shall be entitled to return any goods ordered from the Webshop within fourteen (14) days of receiving the said goods at the latest. Exercising the right of withdrawal requires that (i) the goods have not been used; (ii) the goods are Family-scl regular products and have not been manufactured or modified in accordance with the Customer’s wishes; (iii) the goods are still in their original packaging; and (iv) they can be resold.
If the Customer wishes to return goods they have ordered, the Customer must mail the said goods without delay to the address specified below:
Company: SIA Kasmo
Registration. Nr. 40203170484
Address: "Misas ēdnīca", Misa, Vecumnieku pagasts, Vecumnieku novads, LV-3906
The following information must be provided together with the returned goods: name, address, telephone number and bank account number for repayment and a copy of the delivery confirmation sent to the Customer.
The Customer must contact Family-scl customer services to agree upon the withdrawal and return of the goods beforehand by either calling +371 24338737 (Mon–Fri 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. GMT+2) or by email at support@family-scl.com
All returned goods must be in their original packaging and packaged well in accordance with Family-scl instructions. The returned goods and their packaging must be in their original condition.
Family-scl will compensate the Customer for the price of the returned goods in addition to remunerating the Customer for regular costs incurred for returning the goods by paying the said sums to the Customer’s bank account within a reasonable amount of time. The payment shall, however, be made at the latest within thirty (30) days of Family-scl receiving and accepting the return. Family-scl will not, however, compensate the Customer for costs incurred for returning the goods if the goods cannot be returned as usual via mail due to e.g. the size or weight of the said goods.


The Customer must inspect the delivery immediately after having received it to ensure that the delivery contains all goods ordered by the Customer and that the goods are not deficient.
Should the Customer notice any deficiencies in the delivered goods or if the order is otherwise erroneous, the Customer must notify Family-scl customer services thereof immediately, but at the latest within fourteen (14) days of receiving the delivery. The instructions provided above for returning goods shall apply to returning erroneous deliveries. After receiving the deficient goods, Family-scl shall provide the Customer with replacing goods or compensate the Customer for the price of the deficient goods by paying the said price to the Customer’s bank account.
If the Customer has opted for their order to be delivered to the address they have indicated, the Customer must inspect the condition of the delivery upon receiving it while the carrier’s representative is present. In the event that the package is damaged during transportation and if the ordered goods are also damaged, the Customer must request that the carrier’s representative file a notification of claim. After the said notification is filed, the Customer shall be obligated to contact Family-scl customer services to agree upon the delivery of replacing goods.


Family-scl shall not be liable for any defects in its goods, delays in deliveries or other breaches of agreement that are attributable to causes beyond Family-scl reasonable control (force majeure), including, but not limited to, acts of God, fires, strikes, labor disputes, war, pandemics, acts or interventions by any governmental authority, failure of a common carrier, supplier, hardware, software, browser, or communications equipment, or network failure, congestion, or malfunction. Family-scl shall, however, continue to strive to provide the best service to the Customer as it possibly can.

The Customer acknowledges that Family-scl shall not be held liable for the security of any information sent or received by the Customer via the Webshop or for any information that fails to be sent or received. The Customer releases Family-scl from all such liability.
Furthermore, Family-scl also cannot guarantee that the Webshop, the web servers maintaining the Webshop or the electronic bulletins sent by Family-scl do not contain viruses or other malware.
Family-scl shall not be liable for any indirect damages, unless such damages arise from Family-scl  wilful misconduct or gross negligence.
In all cases, Family-scl liability shall be limited to the liability set out in applicable mandatory law.


In the event that problems arise or if the Customer has any questions concerning Family-scl goods or the Webshop, the Customer is advised to contact the Webshop’s customer services. Below you will find their contact information:

Telephone: +371 24338737 (Mon–Fri 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. GMT+2), email: support@family-scl.com

The Webshop and these Terms shall be construed and governed by the laws of Latvia, excluding its conflict of laws rules. The Parties shall strive to resolve all disputes primarily through negotiations. In the event that the Parties cannot reach an agreement, the disputes shall be resolved by the Latvia District Court in Latvia.