Top 5 kitchen helper in 2019

  • 04 Apr 2023

    If you are hunting for a perfect kitchen step stool, then I'll give you a hint. Here is a kitchen tower from Montessori which is a baby loving products. It has some features which will blow your mind. The product is not only a step stool but also a chair or table. You can transform it into a table, chair ore kitchen stool. It will help your little member to learn, cook, climb, or eat on a dining table. It is very handy and easily movable.

• Materials: 16mm thick natural plywood, haffel german quality

• Size: 38 (length) x 40 (width) x 90 (height) centimeters

• Different painted with any color

• Sanded each wood very smoothly

• Needlework with screws

• Very easy to move and lightweight

• Enough capacity to take load

• Very easy to assemble

Expert Tips:

    This sturdy kitchen tower is constructed harmlessly for kids. It can be used for multi-purpose like learning, cooking or many other things. Now you can ask how it is useful for learning. Well, then I'll tell you, this product can be transformed as a table or chair. So, you can read, paint with your kid together. And when it's cooking time, again transform it into a step stool. Then your kid can assist you in making dinner. It will become a friend of your kid.

Final Thought:

    When you will see your kid doing any task willingly and independently, you must be glad then. This qualified kitchen stool will help your kid in this. It has a great construction with softwoods. The product is not only a tower but also a taible and chair. The transformation design is the most exceptional feature. Hence, please consider all the features and design and I assure you will love this product for your little helping member.