How do I teach my child to use a kitchen step stool safely?

  • 12 Jun 2023

Here are a few tips for teaching your child to use a kitchen step stool safely: 1. Supervise: Children should always be supervised when using a kitchen step stool. This will allow you to ensure their safety and assist them if needed. 2. Explain the proper way to use the step stool: Show your child how to properly climb up and down the step stool, and remind them to always keep three points of contact (two feet and one hand, or two hands and one foot) on the stool at all times. 3. Practice: Allow your child to practice using the step stool in a safe, controlled environment to help them become more comfortable and confident. 4. Set rules: Establish clear rules for using the step stool, such as not standing on the top step or using the step stool without permission. 5. Choose the right step stool: Make sure the step stool is the appropriate height and size for your child, and check that it is stable and in good condition before allowing your child to use it. By following these guidelines, you can help teach your child to use a kitchen step stool safely and responsibly.