They'll create their dream design

  • 04 Apr 2023

    Building a growing bed will be an exciting experience for you and your child. Rather than seeing building the bed as a chore, view it as an opportunity to spend time with your child and create something together!     When you first start talking about building the bed, do so in a way that makes it sound fun and exciting. If you give off a sense of dread when discussing how long, it will take or how much work it will be, your child may also feel that way about it, which is not what we want at all! You want them to feel involved and proud of their creation. Would you rather build with someone who is excited or someone who feels like they are doing a chore?     The best thing you can do when building your growing bed is to let your decide on its design. The more creative freedom they have, the more invested they'll become in creating their dream design. Let them pick out unique shapes (maybe even one shaped like Sparky!) or colors (red! orange! so that they have something tangible to hold onto throughout the entire process. That way, if there are any setbacks along the way (and there will be), they'll still feel just as invested in making this project come to life because they've had a hand in getting it this far already!