The Power of Colors

  • 06 Apr 2023

    Do you know that colors can affect human beings in various way as creativity, productivity learning and emotions? 

    Children can be more sensitive to colors, affecting their reaction to the environment. Not only colors send signals to the brain to make them (and us) hungry or calm or anxious, but they also have the power to distract a child or enhance a child’s learning potential. 

    Colors can influence children mood too. So, from their rooms to the rucksack, you have to pay attention on the color’s choice! 

    Generally, warmer colors like orange and yellow bring happinesswhile cooler colors like blue and green tend to have a calming effect. It is often a matter of finding the right combination of colors in nursery or school rooms to crate the most suitable learning environment for them. 

    Blue increases productivity. Cool hues cause the body to produce calming chemicals. 

    Red stimulates brain activity. But if overused, it can be very distracting and often triggers hunger. Green is very relaxing and is associated with nature, creativity and fertile thinking. Yellow heightens concentration, but it also can be very overpowering. 

    To organize their colored space, keep in mind that young children are attracted to warm and bright colors, while elementary-aged children prefer pastels.

8 months ago

Colors are playing big role in childs life!

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