Great Ways to Get Children Crafting

  • 12 Jun 2023

Getting children crafting can be such a great way of interacting together and once they have the bug it’s a great way of helping them grow in so many ways.

Top tips:

  • start small – let children experiment and if they are not ready for a stage, go back and forward a bit until you find something that they can achieve with
  • be their audience – children love to show off what they can do – be the person who thinks that their crafting efforts are fabulous
  • celebrate their success – show all your friends, put it on the fridge, take it into school for show and tell – everyone will be impressed
  • become a crafter yourself – if you are learning something together it will have much bigger impact
  • seek out an expert – if you happen on something that really inspires them, there will be someone who knows all about your particular craft – a local group – get them to investigate the next steps
  • make it fun – the key to getting a craft project finished is to love the process. Don’t rush it – it will come together eventually! 


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11 months ago

The insights in this piece are truly valuable and practical

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