Why to choose children's furniture and toys in wood from us

  • 04 Apr 2023

    Research shows that children who play and come into close contact with natural elements such as wood increase learning and focus. In fact, it has been proven that physical contact with wooden furniture helps to calm children down, and this effect is measurable. At a time when overstimulation and negative impressions come on the assembly line, furniture and toys in wood designed with the children in the center can provide great benefits for the children's cognitive development. Many uses = fewer toys There is no doubt that parents get frustrated with all the toys that eventually accumulate in the home. In addition, the many choices can make children actually enjoy the toys less. Through minimalism and design choices that actively encourage children to create their own experiences, toys and children's furniture can have a number of uses. At the same time, it is also the perfect climbing tool for young children, who can more easily reach things and get on par with their parents. It also helps children learn new uses as they develop, and not least it keeps children safe by preventing them from falling backwards. With such a kitchen tower, the child gets an incredible number of uses. By combining different areas of use with our The Sway Rainbow, ZUZU     Climbing Triangle and the best-selling Space Saving Step Stool , the children can build their own “playground”, without any clutter in the home.  Furniture and toys developed in this way give children the opportunity to create their own, safe world, and they will last for many years. As the children find new uses for the children's furniture, they will also learn about durability and taking care of the environment. Last but not least, our furniture is beautiful to look at. Instead of having a house full of red, green and bright orange plastic toys and neon-colored climbing frames, you can achieve harmony and design in the home. Both the kids and you will love it. Through clean and attractive lines and pleasant colors, these products fit into any home, are easy to clean, and keep their shape even after the children have played with them. 

    Now all that remains is for you to let the children unleash their creativity - because they will probably find even more good reasons why our children's furniture is perfect in the home, and will lead to increased harmony, joy, and more quality of learning and play for the whole family. 

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