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Wooden Balance Beam

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<p>With our Balance Beam kids can master playing constructions and build balancing roads into various shapes and fun scenarios.
This is a fantastic toy, excellent game, indescribable fun along with parental care, thoughts about the child's future and development.<br></p><p>Our Balance Beam will help kids to maintain stability and to learn how to control their little bodies. This will prove vital when they reach an appropriate age to ride a bike and need balance to control their movements.<br><br>Do you know that balance is a major gross motor skill for toddlers and preschoolers to learn? Actually, balance is a fundamental skill for all children and learning this skill will help your little ones to master their center of gravity.</p><p>Benefits of our Balance Beam:</p><p>+ perfect for playing and having fun.<br>+ can be clipped into various shapes to provide variety and challenges for the little one;<br>+ allows kids to develop gross motor skills;<br>+ allows kids to build confidence as they master the art of balance;<br></p><p>Dimensions:</p><p>Height from floor 15 cm</p><p>Board length 145cm</p><p>Board width 10cm<br><br>Set include: 2 square blocks, 1 triangle block and straight balance beam</p><p>Safety: We at all times suggest to have adult supervision for extra safety of your child. We cannot be held responsible for accidents.</p><br><p><font face="Graphik Webfont, -apple-system, Helvetica Neue, Droid Sans, Arial, sans-serif" color="#222222"><span style="font-size: 16px;"></span></font></p>

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3 reviews |

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