Family-SCL Montessori Kitchen Step Stools for children!

  • 04 Apr 2023

As soon as the children can stand, they want to take part in the daily activities of their parents, siblings and grandparents. They learn to see and imitate simple things. To participate in the activity, babies like to climb. And it was for this reason that the Montessori Kitchen Step Stools were launched by Family-SCL. Thanks to the Space Saving Kitchen Step Stool, the little ones can safely wash their hands at the large sink, help with cooking and baking, and act independently in the adult environment and gain experience.

A Montessori Kitchen Step Stool enables even small children to take part in many everyday activities such as cooking and baking. Space Saving Step Stool in the kitchen is particularly recommended, because even the little ones are very interested in preparing food and would like to help. And important is the fact that it is foldable, so it does not take much space.

The step stool will be a support for a kid for a long time, as its heights can be changed (adjusted).

Practical, foldable, safe, and easy to use step stool designed for kids. It looks great and is also a good helper for a child, allowing to:
- satisfy child's curiosity to find out what is on a higher shelf.
- climb to access and see something.
- be free and reach lower or higher peaks already in a very early age.
- improve confidence and independence.

Furthermore, the step stool is created and confirmed in accordance with safety regulations, providing a safe environment.