Montessori Clothing Rack- Easy Ways to Assist Your Child's Independence

  • 04 Apr 2023

Montessori Clothing Rack will allow your kid to develop love for order and manage their own stuff, as well the open wardrobe will be a true decoration in any kid bedroom. 

Benefits of Montessori Clothing Rack:

• an irreplaceable asset if you want your kids bedroom to be organized

• perfect for a Montessori or Waldorf home

Simple ways you can assist your child in dressing independence:

• Display clothes where they are easily accessible to your children

• For younger toddlers, begin with a limited number of choices (3-5)

• Consider a capsule wardrobe where all clothing pieces coordinate with each other. This is especially helpful if you’re anxious about your child selecting clothes that do not match.

• Separate daytime clothes and nighttime clothes if possible

• Incorporate dressing into your daily rhythm so it becomes a predictable, routine part of your day

• Purchase clothes that promote independence in dressing

• Provide lots of unstructured, free time in which children are given the opportunity to practice dressing skills, free from the pressure of a timeline

• If possible, put away out-of-season clothing